Independent Yoga Instructor/ Wellbeing 


"Practice of Yoga ...restore, release and allowing yourself to find your physical edge in Yoga" 

 Welcome to Yoga with Sayon 

Yoga is a journey to the Spirit of the Mind and Body. 

There are many quick fix, temptations and distractions, where you lose sight of your goals and you change directions.  Along the way you learn to explore and to discover where you want to be. Along the way you prepare to begin with uncertainty , but slowly allowing the path to unfold , taking each steps to honour Yourself, allowing to accept things as they show.  

Allowing no judgement, so be present and look around you. So go and feel it. Be part of the journey. 


Namaste 🕉

Yoga with Sayon

About Sayon

Sayon has studied and practice yoga for over 20 years and holds a Yoga Teaching Diploma. She also completed the Birthlight Yoga both with Yoga Therapy Training Centre (YTTC) in 2003.

To further her training, Sayon studied Yoga Therapy / Remedial  and completed her Yoga Therapy Diploma with Yoga Institute UK under the guidance of Suzy Cooper in 2010. 

September 2018, Sayon always looking further to challenge herself, she believe the unique experience to progress physically and mentally requires going forward, trying something new that not only will add wealth to the practice of Yoga, but offering the community a choice, an honour of a new art of movement for the body and mind... and that‘s called Aerial Yoga.  

Sayon completed The Aerial Steps Instructor Course - with founder Gillian Watt. Edinburgh September 2018 

Sayon currently teaches general Hatha Yoga in the Banbridge, Dungannon and Mourne Districts. Her classes are suitable for beginners and improvers.  Sayon's classes are designed to offer, traditional Yoga incorporating the key elements of Yoga - To Centre, Breathe work, Physical (Asanas) and to finish in a relax state of mind ( Shavasana).  

 In addition to the classes, Sayon's has a strong grounding in therapeutics were she tailors a regular practice for individuals and design the elements of remedial Chair Yoga for seniors in the local communities and also offering ONE to ONE / Private Group yoga sessions. 

Sayon's passion for yoga is readily experienced in her classes and workshops.  She enjoys finding the balance between her love for cooking and yoga. 



Kind regards

Sayon Cheung Mulligan