Mentor/ Coach - Continue Personal Development

"Your yoga journey never ends" 


Many people like myself started the Yoga journey as a hobby or searching something to fill a gap into our lives.  The desires of wanting to learn more, to experience the living and breathing this ancient practice of yoga never cease to inspire me to share more of this forever journey. 

I'm all about sowing seeds and I'm delighted to offer mentoring, further trainings to existing yoga teachers and also promoting a greater understanding of yoga principles of postures, alignment to the fitness, health and well-being subsectors.

"The longevity of your niche offering - is the desire to learn " 

Why CPD? 

The means of developing your skills and knowledge allows you to immerse yourself in traditional yoga techniques, to transfer your skills towards whatever steps for your career and ability to find your niche career space within your community, work place or simply to improve the professional development given you the tools to add value to your occupation.  

As an approved Coach, from the Yoga Alliance Professional the governing body for yoga teachers and trainers.  The approved YAP CPD Mentoring and Development is accredited points towards any wellness certification, fitness trainers, Massage and 200hr Yoga Teachers. 

The Mentoring and Development is delivered through in person sessions with hands on experience in YWS Masterclass - open for all and workshops too - the CPD will only qualified to those completed Yoga Teachers Training. 

The Mentoring & Development Exclusive- is only opened as a CPD to any wellness certification, massage, fitness trainers , Yoga teachers, or a higher degree profession such as Class room teaching or similar background.  



**Saturday 5th March - 2.30pm - Masterclass focus on "Fine tuning the practice of Hips opening Postures.  - This session is open to ALL and only those who are qualified in YTT will be offered CPD Credit 2Points

**Saturday 11th June - 2.30pm - Masterclass focus on " Fine tuning the practice of Spinal movments, opening the spine, developing strong foundation to strengthen the spine and building flexibility for backbending postures. 

This session is OPEN TO ALL  and only those who are qualified in YTT will be offered CPD Credit 2 points 


**More dates and Mentoring Exclusive TBC