Aerial Yoga Practice


An Aerial Yoga Practice often called Anti gravity Yoga or known as Yoga in the air. 

The practice of the yoga postures in the air by suspending the body or parts of the body in a special kind of hammock. 

The hammock acts like a swing or a soft trapeze and can support body weight up to 300 kilos. Also the rig consists of support of chains, webbing straps and carabiners... so super safe and super strong . 

The History of Aerial Yoga - actually been practiced for many years. The Yoga kurunta known as the Wall rope inspired by B.K.S Iyengar teachings.  His method to practice to offer various of movements and freedom to the body with the ropes.  His inspiration taken from the invention of the Aerial Hammock dates back to 450 BC ..also known as the swinging bed . 

So likewise with all styles of Yoga, can increase mobility, flexibility and strength.  With added bonus the hammock acts like a tool to support the body in advance yoga postures and also there is the Restorative side that promote a healing practice to promote sleep. 

Check out the Added benefits to Aerial Yoga 

  • Increase flexibility and strength without straining 
  • Decompress tight joints in the spine, the hips and shoulders too 
  • Relieve tensions or strains in the neck, spine, knees and wrists 
  • Work more of the body, as the weight is distributed through out multiple working points
  • Develope a stronger core 
  • Reinforce body alignment 
  • Improve Balance through the use of the fabric 
  • Stretch further without strains 
  • Conditions the vertical grip as in traditional yoga practice not possible 
  • Aids the body to provide a support in traditional Yoga practice, to access an advanced Yoga postues and making it possible 
  • A natural and safe way to effectively get a face lift and defy the effects of aging , as the inverted poses circulates fresh oxygenated blood to your face and neck, the muscles relaxed preventing fine lines. 
  • Promote a relaxation...womb like experience 
  • Encouraged creativity and fun 
  • Follow the principal teaching of Yoga, with philosophy... No judgement, No egos and letting go fear to acknowledge self care and self honour. 


AERIAL YOGA EXPRESS (45 min Class) £9 - valid for Flexi Yoga Pass £48 for 8 sessions 

This Class like a moving meditation, we move swiftly from one posture to another.  Like Vinyasa Flow Yoga Practice, it is a sequence flowing  class , with standing poses, seated poses, inverted poses and running play poses that encourage you to laugh out loud! So expects to energies the body , building strength and flexibility with very little effort.  Suitable to everyone with a good standard level of fitness. 


AERIAL YOGA FUNDAMENTALS (60min class ) £9 - valid for Flexi Yoga Pass 

Discover the core Yoga practice with the Hammock acts like an aid to the traditional practice. Class will start with Centering the body and mind with breath work to set your intentions for your practice. Follow on Aerial Yoga grounding postures, taking a pace that suits individual, we develop each weekly from inverted poses to core strength poses exploring the techniques and the effects internally. This class is slower pace than the Express Flow and option to explore what works for the individual and finishes in a blissful relaxation shavasana , a guided meditation to unwind the busy body and mind . 


AERIAL RESTORATIVE YOGA (1hour 15 min) £13

The Class is often practice in candlelight, this nourishing class fuses stillness and creates lightness to the entire body . Just like classical Restorative Yoga, this class balance the elements of slow pace and breathwork.  

It begins with you hanging inside the hammock to reset the body and mind simply floating.  Following onto grounding the body on the floor, with one part of the body suspended and supported by the Hammock. Follows onto a postues that encourages the decompression of the joints. Which are held longer and encourages you to let go, express patience and circulation. Follow onto  a meditative mindset where you finished like a cocoon  pose floating inside the Hammock in deep shavasana practice. 

This practice is suitable for all, whether recovering from illness or injuries and suitable for expecting mums too. 



Kind regards

Sayon Cheung Mulligan