30. Aug, 2021

Update on YWS HUB

An UPDATE: Yoga with Sayon - Facebook Private HUB  30th August 2021

Thank you, everyone that’s been part of this journey on this Yoga Hub. Honestly I am more grateful to the use of technology as this enabled us all to connect and practice together. The support you have continued to give each other has been truly incredible and I am deeply honoured.

Well it’s almost the end of summer holidays and on this Bank holiday I am updating my autumn schedule.

There’s lots of new opportunities that currently presented to me and with this new opportunities, as you all know …there’s only ONE of me and I can’t do it all .

Since returning to face to face teaching, this hub numbers are getting smaller.

So I’ve decided instead of continuing the online classes with unlimited access on this hub. I am moving the live classes to a live session on ZOOM.

The HUB will remain as a closed group and for you to have freedom to access anytime without charge.

I am continuing to offer MELLOW MONDAY 9.30am and MONDAY Mix abilities YOGA 7.30pm via ZOOM - is a live streaming class cost £30 per month.
To participate- PLEASE email sayon.cheungmulligan@yahoo.com and a ZOOM link with password for the month.

The live ZOOM classes will start on MONDAY 6th September.

My new Autumn schedule will include new workshops and all workshops will take place in the Banbridge studio that compliance to all government guidelines and with 2000 sq foot of private space… its a lot of space for social distancing too.

However you practice, keep practicing and this past 18 months has seen us all shift in how we set our goals, our strength, our challenges and how we wish to achieve balance and well-being to connect this extremely powerful tool called YOGA of transformation, healing and creation and are to be honoured as such.

OM Shanti



Sayon ❤️