9. Jan, 2021

Welcome 2021

Hello and Welcome to the New Year!
When we started out in 2020, it safe to say none of us expected the year that has been!

Looking back it was challenging, but we’ve got through it in March, then again October and November...with the start , stop and no classes, only 1:1 training...then till absolutely nothing.

Gone full circle now into the New Year!
2021 ...we embrace the online Classes on FB Private Hub and kicked off with new challenge and missions.

Just a reminder, we’re all in this together, since no in person Classes since 16th October 2020 .

We must not let the state of the world, be your excuse to ease up the self care routine.

You can still access my classes online- live streaming on Facebook Private Hub Page
Monday 9.30 am & 7.15 pm
Wednesday 7.30pm
Saturday 9.30am

New challenge 1. #handstandjourney Personally one of my forever and off challenge... but it’s certainly more fun doing it together with the yoga community.
Challenge 2 #peakpose is a weekly challenge we work on mastering to the best of your abilities.

Also do check in with the social media platform Sayonyoga on Instagram and Yoga with Sayon Facebook Page there’s a new weekly feature “Check In Thursday “ all about healing, lifestyle and the power within you ... the power of life.
So unfortunately no classes and 1:1 ..😓. until further notice .

Do tune in, and if you’re struggling, please don’t be afraid to reach out.

Keep shining bright, we will hang out on the Hammock and roll out the yoga mat soon x

Much love and light