Keeping You in the loop

28. Dec, 2021

Sankalpa - the practice to honour YOU for 2022 « Heartfelt intentions »

This is a FREE class I’m hosting to the yogi community on 1st January 2022 at 12 noon In Banbridge studio

San - An idea from the heart
Kalpa - To commit that silent contract of intentions

The ancient teaching of the Upanishads states « You are your deepest desire ‘Sankalpa’

This practice do not hold it as a task, must do kinda thing nor a future possibility but instead plant the seed in the present as an existing reality.

So I am inviting YOU - past, present and new members , clients from all ages to join me on the mat to start your journey to embodiment.

This practice do not requiem or book in. It’s a practice for self honour and you simply show up for yourself.

Bring a mat, a friend , a mug or cup for a matcha or herbal tea to connect with like minded community.

Everyone more than welcome and no experience requires.
The studio is fully equipped too, if you dont have a mat.

Everyone most very welcome.


9. Jan, 2021

Hello and Welcome to the New Year!
When we started out in 2020, it safe to say none of us expected the year that has been!

Looking back it was challenging, but we’ve got through it in March, then again October and November...with the start , stop and no classes, only 1:1 training...then till absolutely nothing.

Gone full circle now into the New Year!
2021 ...we embrace the online Classes on FB Private Hub and kicked off with new challenge and missions.

Just a reminder, we’re all in this together, since no in person Classes since 16th October 2020 .

We must not let the state of the world, be your excuse to ease up the self care routine.

You can still access my classes online- live streaming on Facebook Private Hub Page
Monday 9.30 am & 7.15 pm
Wednesday 7.30pm
Saturday 9.30am

New challenge 1. #handstandjourney Personally one of my forever and off challenge... but it’s certainly more fun doing it together with the yoga community.
Challenge 2 #peakpose is a weekly challenge we work on mastering to the best of your abilities.

Also do check in with the social media platform Sayonyoga on Instagram and Yoga with Sayon Facebook Page there’s a new weekly feature “Check In Thursday “ all about healing, lifestyle and the power within you ... the power of life.
So unfortunately no classes and 1:1 ..😓. until further notice .

Do tune in, and if you’re struggling, please don’t be afraid to reach out.

Keep shining bright, we will hang out on the Hammock and roll out the yoga mat soon x

Much love and light



19. Oct, 2020


Well I want to say ...doing things differently challenges your habits, challenges your way of thinking!

Currently new restrictions came in force on Friday 16th October, No Group Classes from 6pm for 4 weeks to 14th November 2020.

So I adapted to ensure everyone who wants to practise, who wants to make their health an absolute priority is welcomed to the studio to continue their practice.

So...a recap! Since new restrictions came in, NO GROUP classes,
However 1:1 and individual practice is permitted.

There's always a solution 😉
Going forward-
I can offer 1:1 and individual practice with MENTORING sessions in the studio space .

The studio space is a safe exclusive space for your INDIVIDUAL practice. - Rules of booking still applies.

AERIAL YOGA hammock space available on
Sunday from 10am to 1pm
Wednesday from 5.30 to 7.30pm
Thursday from 9.15 to 11.15

Mat - sessions also available on
Wednesday from 7.15 to 9pm
Friday from 9.15 to 11.15 am

Individual Practice with MENTORING in the studio
* You can book your interval spot in the studio with 15min mentoring time.
( Bubble groups together welcome)
* During this time, you have the opportunity with 1:1 experience
* To practise at your own pace
* Develop a self- sufficient practice
* Learn in a safe and progressive way
* Be flexible with timings
* Go deeper in your practice
* A clean neutral space of practice
* Cost the same as your normal class or use Flexi Yoga pass
* You have up to 55min studio time.

I like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your kind words of support and in love of Yoga we are all OnE x ❤ 🧘‍♀️🙏🕉

Sayon x

2. Jul, 2020


So what to expect with the return of Yoga with Sayon 


We are all learning the new challenging times , we cannot predict nor imagined what the new norm will be. 

It is exactly well over 100 days since lock down as I write about plans on how to adapt my services to serve the community.

I am currently implementing a plan  and truthfully the government guidelines are very vague and thankfully to  Yoga Alliance Professional gives me an insight to set best practice to prepare the reopening for business. 

The shared  space for Aerial Yoga Classes ( Ajendance Bridge Street , Banbridge is a huge space that can accommodate a safe 2mt social distances. 

However,  please note that General Yoga Classes in Dungannon ,  Mourne and Body Box Studio Classes will be continuously reviewed and amend in line with government updates. 

I am hoping to phase the classes, starting with the Aerial Yoga Classes and will keep the online Members Hub page for the unlimited access of 6 weeks of 5  live weekly classes. 


Please expect new guidelines will be implemented such as 

⚫️ The maximum class size and classes to be booked 

⚫️ No hands on adjustment 

⚫️ Using your own mats and props 

⚫️ To avoid  groups arriving in at the same time , there be a window of 15 minutes to enter 

⚫️ Studio space will have hand wipes and sanitiser readily available, recommend on entering and leaving 

⚫️ No changing facilities 


To ensure the safety for everyone, the studio space will have a rigorous cleaning schedule and all Hammocks will be steamed after each use. 

Please be patience and expect new timetable and schedule to classes, due to the extra care of frequent cleaning. 


I hope you understand, this is all completely new experience for me.  I’m learning and please do not be offended if I had not reply to you as promptly as I should.  As you know my business Yoga with Sayon ...just me and only me . 


A massive thank you, thank you to YOU the members that kept me going,  you motivated me to drive my love and passion of yoga from my home to yours.  Your attitude and presence given me the opportunity to learn new ways to move forward and not backward.  You help me to create a hub , that was not in my planning, that wasn’t ever acknowledged before. But YOU the members continue to support my business.. and I’m so grateful.  I’m so grateful to you all , the messages, the pics you send, the extra payments made and told me the tips for my services and the beautiful gifts too. You all know who you are. So again THANK YOU 🙏🏻