Blog - YOUR Gift

8. Jul, 2019

If you ever had the opportunity to sit in a well being day or a retreat with me. My topic is about YOU. How I believe You have a gift. YOU have a purpose. YOU have a unique hidden gift that for some reason you never understand it. So your JOURNEY through life, you may still search, you may even settle, you may hunt for the missing puzzle, you may struggle, you may discover new skills about yourself, you may posses qualities you never knew you had. In many ways..You are searching to be content, to find JOY, to find PEACE, to find your purpose, to find your Calling!

YOU do not need directions nor permission... because it's IN YOU all along. It's how you use YOUR gift!
Sometimes it's your ego that gets in the way. Sometimes it's doubt. Sometimes it's denial of your true self. Sometimes you are lead by OTHERS  dreams...That's just a fantasy but NOT your dreams. You may like that idea, but NOT your idea! 

The cycle will keep coming back to you, the day you surrender, the day you let go of judgement to yourself.  The day, you stop pleasing others, the day should feel absolutely effortless.  Your dream should not feel like hard work, your dream should not feel pain , your dream should not feel imppossible and most of all your dream should be your passion. 

If your are searching... take some time to listen to your own intuitions.

If you like to learn more... My next Yoga Retreat in October in Rostrevor Holidays
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Namaste x