Welcome to Yoga with Sayon Summer Daily Practice. 

This video is a simple guide from my actual personal practice and sped up.  So take time to tune into the pose, try to stay from 3 breaths to 6 breaths and repeat for 6 rounds. 

Start in Table Top pose, simply stretch out the wrists.

  • Push off the shoulders and focus on drawing the navel in
  • Extend Right arm and left leg ( hold to focus on length the torso & square up the hips)  X 6 round . Repeat on opposite side 
  • Draw knee to chest & hug the core ( aim knees to nose ) Repeat on opposite side 
  • Downward Dog pose -  Paddle the legs if need to 
  • Extend into three legged Dog 
  • Rest in Hare pose with a shoulder stretch 
  • Seated Pigeon ...follow by the variation to go deeper by walking the hands away and sink the chest down .  Follow by squaring up the pelvis .  This pose you can surrender for as long as you like. 

Have fun and enjoy!