The Daily Practice design in mind, for the regular yogis that's been attending the classes with me. 

This Daily practice is a simple guide, to motivate you at your home practice. 

Before you practice, I like to remind you, the physical practice of yoga is an important element of the Yoga Limbs. Without embracing the principals of the elements of yoga, a handstand are simply gymnastics.  A leg behind your head is just contortions. An L sit becomes callisthenics.  A Sun Saluation is just a sequence.  Navasana is just Pilates.  A mantra just words and Savasana is just sleeping. 

So remind yourself ...unroll your mat, take the time to centre the body and mind. Take the time, use the breath...train the pranayama to flow.  Each posture engage it with respect, feel it, tune into your body...ask yourself do you feel? 

Be Mindful.  Namaste