Yoga with Sayon


Having suffered from severe back pain for over 20 years ( at times I only move on my hands and knees).  I signed up with Yoga with Sayon for 1:1 sessions.  From the start I felt relaxed, at ease and in the hands of a true professional.   Sayon quickly pin pointed a childhood injury, which I had forgotten had happened but which resulted in the misalignment of my torso.  Weekly exercises were set specific to me and I can't believe the difference this has made me.  I now feel stronger, free from pain and able to carry out my daily routine without collapsing onto the sofa in agony.  I feel privileged to have benefited from the guidance and instruction given by the lovely lady and at 57 years old would say to anyone it's never too late to start.  I look forward to my daily yoga now even if I am tired it refreshes my body.

Thank you Sayon.  Namaste Lynne 


The Aerial Restorative Yoga Classes is amazing! I can’t believe it’s the very first time that I actually had a full nights sleep.  My mother came to the class with me age 68 and she couldn’t believe for the first time she never complain about her bad back!  Absolutely wonderful and highly  recommend to unwind end of the month. 



Love Yoga with Sayon.  This given me strength & focus in my life.  

Thank you Sayon

Wendy C.


Core Workshop - Thank you so much for a really "stretching ' workshop.  It was well worth travelling up from Belfast to attend.

An amazing yoga teacher, so strong and inspirational.  Sayon really helped to motivate me in my practice

Sarah Hamill


Yoga with Sayon has been amazing aid to help me to relax and clarify my thoughts away from my busy working day.  I love Sayon's style and how she makes everyone yoga journey as their own.  Definitely an important part of my life and I look forward to class every week.

S. Graham 


Sayon is an incredible yoga instructor!  I've practiced off and on the mat for a few years, but even as a non - newcomer I have learned so much from her.  Her workshop are a must, if you have not attended any.  Her practice reflects in her passion inside and out.  In a way she can teach you to deepen but also very safe.  She's a truly gifted instructor. 



Ive been sick for a long time and didn't think there was any exercise I was able to particpate without feeling so fatigue for days.  Sometimes with the fibromyalgia, I feel I am trap in a bubble. 

The yoga with Sayon had helped me immensely.  I signed up 1:1 with Sayon and she given me a complete new release of life.  When Sayon asked me would I like to give her a testimonial...I said if I had a million pound...I would  give to her.  Sayon has such a big heart!   Thank you Sayon 



I can't believe I was so nervous going to my first ever yoga class and a massive thank you to Sayon.  She made me so welcome and she remembers everyone's  name.  She treat everyone as individuals and she really helped me with my bad back. 

Namaste.  Gillian 


I have just finished 12 weeks 1:1 sessions with Sayon and I have to tell you what a difference it has made.  I walked through the door to a very warm friendly welcome. 

Sayon took time to find out all about me and my pains ( there were lots) and to see what I wanted to gain from my sessions with her. 

I was on so many pain killers I rattled.  Morphine patches were my best friend.  I was bed ridden for days when my back 'went'  just getting through the day was an achievement.  Now 12 weeks later I walk tall, NO pain and NO medication.  It's been so life changing I can't even begin to expess how grateful I am to Sayon.  

Honestly when started, I didnt see how lying on the floor doing gentle stretching exercise could help me.  Boy I was wrong. I highly recommend Yoga with Sayon. Many Thanks Sayon. 

K. Walker 


This time 3 months ago I was a wreck.  I had 2 major back surgeries with no success.  I was in constant pain, had no bladder control, couldn't walk unassisted and was popping 20 pills per day. I was very depressed and 2stone over weight.  I couldn't even drive my son to school.  I heard from friends about the benefits from yoga, but hadn't the courage to take the plunge as I was in too much pain and very unfit.  Enough was enough and I had to get some sort of life back, so I rang Sayon...I wish had done it years ago.  Within 4 weeks I had a major changes, I reduced my meds and could walk unassisted.  

After 12 weeks, I feel amazing, I am now pain free, off all meds, walking loads and have reached all the little goals I've set myself.  

Yoga with Sayon have literally give me my life back.  Thank you Sayon 


 Another personal goal reached today.  Thank you Sayon for everything .  You have encouraged and inspired me every week.  Even when I thought I wasn't improving and taking four steps back, you reminded me of the journey I have made over the past year and how far I come.  I cant thank you enough.  Leanne


I am very active in many sports,  but acute injury keeps popping up and this prevents me from going for a run or training.  Since started the Yoga with Sayon,  I am definletly more flexible, first time in years I'Ve touched my toes and so much stronger than ever.  I highly recommed any athletes to book 1:1 sessions with Sayon.   Her technique not your average gym class. 

J. Wilson 


My husband give me the best present ever, he purchase Gift Voucher from Yoga with Sayon.  I was not aware that this gift had such a life changing experience.  

Sayon is so patience and a very good listener.  I always leave, so relaxed and feeling happy that I achieved something that I never dreamt in the world I could.  

Thank you Sayon 

W. James


 Hi Sayon, I just want to say Thank You for all of your support through my yoga journey!  You are an inspiration & the world could use a few more Sayons!  You are one of the most genuine inspiring gentle souls I have ever met...thank you for taking time to ask how I am every week & for guiding me gently on my own journey...I feel slowly I am starting to be who I always should have been.  Namaste

J. Scappaticci 


Thank you Sayon for all your help and advise .   I never dreamed I can maintain my health the way you guided me.  You keep me motivated and your infectious up beat attitude at all times..even when I am struggling with my every day battles.  I wish you continued success that you so joyfully use Your gift to benefit people like me. 

Thank you 



I‘m going to miss your classes so much!  I was a stranger to this country and you made me feel so welcome with you kindness.  Your positive energy is so upbeat and you taught me to believe in me.  Wish I could pack you and your classes in my suitcase.  So thank You



I started going to Sayon in Sept last year after having a hip operation.  I wasn't very mobile.  Sayon has worked very hard with me to achieve greater mobility and flexibility.  My progress has been amazing!  

I would recommend Sayon to anyone experiencing pain or mobility problem. 

Karen Chambers