Yoga with Sayon
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Yoga workshop / masterclass


Attending workshops, is a wonderful tool  to enhance your practice.   A key to achieving something for yourself! 


Twists and Bind 

Date : Saturday 9th March 2019 

Time : 10am to 1pm 

Where : Banbridge Old Town Hall ( Scarva Street) 

Cost: £35  inc light refreshments 

We are all different, in Yoga...not all postures suitable for everyone one and this could be age, body shapes, energy levels, emotionally and spiritually. 

This Workshop focus on development of the traditional yoga practice of poses which have deep healing effect to the body.  From the foundation postures, we dee the practice with twists , like a towel to wring out the body from inside out.  Encouraging the digestive system to work more efficiently and gently pressing the internal organs to promote a detox effect.  Along with the twists, we develop the Bind , exploring safe binding to open the spine and shoulders. 

Beginners Friendly . 

Booking spaces. 


"Acceptance leads to discipline “ 

Date:  Saturday 18th May 2019 

Time:  10am to 1pm 

Where: Banbridge Old Town Hall (!Scarva Street) 

Cost:  £35 inc light refreshments 

Challenging deeper release of letting go and surrender in this hip and back opening Workshop.  

Phyical, mental and spiritual practice of the traditional yoga philosophy...engaging the session around the Sattvic Tapas- non attachment, letting go and to look forward to a true state of acceptance. 

Booking adviseable spaces


"Mind fullness Practice in the Heart of Mournes"  Full Day Workshop  

Date N/a 

Start time 10 am - 4.30 pm 

Where: Bracken Centre, Ballinran, Kilkeel/ Mourne 

Cost £60.00 

Such a great success and many requests for a repeat day of mindfulnes now into the 3rd year running this Workshop. 

This workshop focus on a restorative approach  to the body and mind.  Focus on self trust, focus on the possibilities.  Teach youreslf to unfold the impossible to a new level of possibilities 

This workshop includes a guided walk in the Mourne and a picnic lunch. 

Booking advisable spaces. 


Aerial Fundamenatal Workshop- 

* Upcoming workshop * Limited Spaces * More information coming Soon . 

Date : 7th September 2019 

Time: 2pm to 5pm 


Locatiom - TBC 


October Yoga Retreat - Relax, De-Stress, Rejuvenate, Yoga & Wellness Retreat 

Dates : 4th - 6th October 2019 

Friday check in 4pm to Sunday 12.30 pm ( Farewell / lunch)

2 nights Accommodation, Food and activities 

where - Rostrevor Holidayes ( Foothill of Mourne Mountain) 

Booking via  check out on the Events page for full details 


" Yoga with Sayon - Masterclass"

Celebrate You , your rituals  and your practice

Date: Saturday 2nd November 2019

Time : 10 am to 1 pm 

Where : Banbridge Old Town Hall 

Cost : £35 

This Workshop focus on the whole, the body , the mind, the discipline and theory of your Practice. 

To secure your space, a £5 non refundable deposit require. 

Please contact me to book