Master Class - Backbending

Masterclass is suitable for all abilities as they are designed to promote a fine tuning to your practice. Working on building your practice with fine tuning to details will enable you to receive more actions to strengthening and stretching benefits of the postures.

This BACKBENDING Masterclass will look at the connective chains from the hip flexors to moving the spine in a fluid motions to enhance your strength and to magnified a boost to deepening your progress whether your goal to have a good solid strong back and core or devoting your practice for deeper back bending postures .

Cost £35 Masterclass - Backbending focus

On Saturday 11th June , 2.30pm -4.30pm in Banbridge .

Limited Spaces -To book your spot , please email - or Text 0777 235 4246

Pregnancy Yoga Workshop - This workshop will cover First trimester, Second and Third Trimester

Yoga shares many benefits for the body and mind. This workshop is a tailored practice especially to all expecting mums preparing the body with many changes.

Pregnancy is a very special time, and the journey 40 weeks is honestly the biggest changes and this workshop will cover the techniques from breathing tools to aid your pregnancy and easing pregnancy discomforts to building strength and confidence preparing your body for childbirth.

This workshop is a 3hr workshop…that will also include Q&A opportunities and a refreshment break as an opportunity to mix with other expecting mums too.

To reserve a space - £5 non refundable deposit required.
contact: 0777 2354246

Ahhhhh super excited 👏

Following our very successful hosting Sound Bath workshop with the very talented Ruari O Coileain. I am delighted to host this workshop again on
Friday 17th June 2022 7.30pm

Saturday 18th June 2022 - 2.30pm

The beautiful Sound Bath experience is totally immersive and allowing the body totally surrender in side the cocoon hammock space ( Limited hammocks ) also very limited Mat spaces too.

This practice is absolutely suitable for all abilities - ⏱90 minutes

What is the Sound Bath experience ?
The Sound Bath experience use sound, music and specialist instruments played in therapeutic ways, combined with deep self reflection techniques to improve health & wellbeing.

The Sound Bath experience promotes restorative, relaxation and reducing stress in the body and mind. Allowing each individual to relax deeply, achieving an altered state of consciousness in a deep healing meditation.

To book and reserve your spot
📲0777 2354246
Along with your full name and contact number.

Ps No payments required to reserve your spot until closer to the event.

Namaste 🧘🏻‍♀️🙏

Masterclass - Fine Tuning your practice - Hips focus

"Fine tuning your practice" 

This masterclass is designed to boost your body potential and suitable for all abilities that wish to fine tune the connection of breath, alignment in hip opening practice.

YWS offering insights of techniques that are safe structure building a solid lasting foundation from lunges, transition poses to including seated lotus postures towards core strength poses that requrie flexibility in the hips too such as the firefly pose and side plank variations too.  

Expect this 2 hour practice to be cultivate a grounding practice with lots to explore and assist in aligning the body.

This workshop takes place in Studio Banbridge . 52 Bridgestreet. Banbridge. BT32 3JU 

£35 per person 

To book this workshop - Please email- or Text 0777 2354246

Plus a £5 non refundable deposit to secure your space. 




I had so many messages about this ... ohhhh can’t wait to see you all hanging out on the hammock.

So a quick intro to the Aerial Yoga Practice .
The practice of the Yoga postures in the air by suspending the body or parts of the body in a special kind of hammock.
This workshop highlights the traditional teaching inspired by the wall rope known as the yoga kurunta by Guru B.K.S Iyengar. His method to practice various of movements, creating a freedom for the body without limiting access to practice the yoga.

The Aerial Yoga practice totally changed my traditional yoga practice for the better. Not only given me core strengths and ability to decompress my spine like no other yoga practice. I absolutely love this 🥰as given me the opportunity to perform advanced yoga postures. Honestly in no way ... well maybe in my next lifetime 🤔🤨

So here’s an Aerial Yoga workshop suitable for absolutely everyone. It’s a wonderful introduction event to try out Aerial Yoga and prepare you for more exciting Aerial Yoga workshop to come.

DATE: Saturday 2nd October 2021
PLACE: Ajendance/ YWS Studio- Banbridge
TIME: 2.30pm - 4.30pm
Very limited space
To Book your hammock:
0777 2354246
DM or send me a message via CONTACT ME

Please share to your friends, families and hang out on the hammock 🥰


Broadening our understanding of the healing that YOGA therapy offers can deepen our appreciation of who and what we truly are.  If we are only our body and our thoughts, our emotions and experiences that we associate with it.  Therefore we will only desire to preserve the body at all cost.  

Treat your body like a temple, not a old shed.  In yoga therapy , the application of yogic principles applies not only in theory and physical actions but the understanding the true healing of the true state of health and wellbeing is to attune inwards and understanding your energy within your environment. 

This workshop will cover a range of yoga postures and its adaptive techniques to promote healing. 

We will explore  familiar as well as novel movements with breath , our sensory balance and elements to stay strong and vibrant.

Suitable for all . 

To Book - 

please text 0777 235 4246 

0r Email - 


Sound Bath Workshop with Ruari O Coileain

I am super excited to host Ruari O Coileain to Banbridge.
About Ruari
Ruari been involved in alternative therapies for over 20 year. A qualified Kundalini Teacher for over 8 years and trained as an Energist in 2010. He worked with sound for the past 10 years and enjoy working with Vibrational Medicine that he attune to waken the divine energy that place of service for countless clients and communities to heal and fully awaken the balance of the blueprint within themselves . 
Sound Healing has been used for thousands of years in many different cultures all with the same intention, to move us from a place of imbalance to a place of balance.      
There are four main areas of our life where sound has been proven to be effective: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
During a Sound healing journey, you will experience the stresses and strains of everyday life leave your body as the gentle tones and overtones of the instruments wash over you. You will float off into a place of deep peace, where healing and relaxation can occur. You will experience the healing power of the Gong, Drums, Rattles, Bells, Chimes and the beautiful healing vibrations of the Himalayan Singing Bowls. Chanting Mantra and overtone singing are also very powerful healing tools which are incorporated into the journey.

This workshop - 

First Come first served will enjoy the Vibrational sound in the hanging hammocks and also limited space available on the mat too.

90 minutes long 

£25 per person 

To book - The Sound Healing Bath workshop - choose your date and text / whatapp /message 

📞 0777 2354246 


Dates : Friday 19th November 7.30pm  

           Saturday 20th November 2.30pm