Beginners Yoga workshop -

“I want to start a yoga practice “ 😶

“ I’m a total novice “😶

“I’m not fit, flexible, strong nor have the right physique for yoga “ 😶

Attending a beginners Yoga workshop is a wonderful way to begin and explore what the yoga practice can offer you.

Yoga doesn’t consider body image, size or type and neither your age, abilities and gender. Therefore EVERYONE is welcome to establish their own yoga journey!

This workshop focus on the fine details of what you would expect when attending a yoga class or maybe you are returning back to yoga and would like a refresher to your yoga practice.

I will walk you through the different styles of yoga, the accessibility of the practice from breath work to the physical body movements and the theories behind the the pose. Following onto a deep guided meditation practice and that part of the journey is a lesson for your body and mind to express a surrender.

I invite you to join me to begin your Yoga journey at the Studio in Banbridge on Saturday 29th May 2021 . 2pm - 4pm .

Please share this to your friends and families that will benefit this practice.

To book your spot -
0777 235 4246
DM or messager.
Or send a message from the website -
Click on CONTACT me to Book

I had so many messages about this ... ohhhh can’t wait to see you all hanging out on the hammock.

So a quick intro to the Aerial Yoga Practice .
The practice of the Yoga postures in the air by suspending the body or parts of the body in a special kind of hammock.
This workshop highlights the traditional teaching inspired by the wall rope known as the yoga kurunta by Guru B.K.S Iyengar. His method to practice various of movements, creating a freedom for the body without limiting access to practice the yoga.

The Aerial Yoga practice totally changed my traditional yoga practice for the better. Not only given me core strengths and ability to decompress my spine like no other yoga practice. I absolutely love this 🥰as given me the opportunity to perform advanced yoga postures. Honestly in no way ... well maybe in my next lifetime 🤔🤨

So here’s an Aerial Yoga workshop suitable for absolutely everyone. It’s a wonderful introduction event to try out Aerial Yoga and prepare you for more exciting Aerial Yoga workshop to come.

DATE: Saturday 5th June 2021
PLACE: Ajendance/ YWS Studio- Banbridge
TIME: 2.30pm - 4.30pm
Very limited space
To Book your hammock:
0777 2354246
DM or send me a message via CONTACT ME

Please share to your friends, families and hang out on the hammock 🥰

😬😬😬 I know... the excitement is too much 🤪
Aerial Yoga workshop- the much 💕 .... well it’s my ultimate favourite practice the LOW FLY AERIAL PRACTICE-

This practice is suitable for all levels, and would be an advantage if you tried at least one Aerial Yoga practice before.
The Low fly focus on the mighty core strength and although the hammock only hung at knee height, it’s unbelievable how the hammock fools you into thinking the hammock challenge your body that the poses that looks so gentle and motionless are actually quite intense.

This workshop put together, the core sequence, strike peak pose and ending with a restorative grounding practice...most definitely you do not want to miss this.

Low Fly Aerial Workshop
Date : 3rd July 2021
Time : 2pm to
Investment £45

To book your hammock ( limited space)
DM or text 0777 2354246

Sayon Cheung-Mulligan